Hello, fellow nerds!

The KrakenDev Blog

My name is Hector, and this is my new blog - KrakenDev! It has been suggested many times that I start a blog, but I’ve never felt like I quite lived up to some of the other fantastic bloggers out there who contribute so much to the development community. It wasn’t until today that I decided to take the leap, thanks to the admonitions of my friend Natasha. She very kindly sent me this video by Ash Furrow which was an amazing motivator to get off my ass and“just do it”. Yay Nike!

On another note, that lovely little lady in my header image is my site mascot, the Kraken. She’s called that because when she was quite small, instead of saying “get the baby down from her high chair please” or “can you get the baby up from her nap?” we would say “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!”.  She also has a tendency to break things with her adorable little hands.

Over time, I plan to post about things I learn in my career as a mobile developer. First off, I will start with things I learned about Swift and iOS and then venture to the dark side where I’ll drop a few knowledges on you all about Android.

Anyway I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and most of all, I hope I can teach someone out there who is just starting to find their way in the wonderful world of mobile development.

let krakenDevReadersAreAwesome = true

Happy coding fellow nerds!

P.S. This blog is and will forever be edited by my assistant, Bubbles.

P.P.S. Bubbles is my wife, Stephanie Randall.

P.P.P.S Yes, she's prettier than your face. Plus, I've always wanted to include a P.P.P.S. in something I wrote.

P.P.P.P.S Yay, KrakenDev!