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Coming Soon to a Conference Near You

Nothing planned as of yet! Sorry, y'all! Check back later. 😁


Past Awesomeness


Playgrounds 2017

This year I talked about SpriteKit!! The goal of this talk was to minimize the barrier to learning game development. I try to cover three main topics in game development and what that looks like in SpriteKit. Hopefully, by watching this video, you might be able to start game programming either in iOS or in any other area.



This year I'll be talking about type erasure in the real world. Based off of my Generic Protocols and their Shortcomings post, this talk will hopefully shed some light on how easy and useful type erasure can be for you with an example of it's usage in a real world App Store app.


Try! Swift Conf

I went to Japan and gave a talk on Hipster Swift where I discuss the many features that Swift has to offer us and what they can mean for you in your everyday workflow. Kudos to @natashatherobot for organizing this for us! It was SO much fun and I can't wait to do it again. ☺️


Swift Summit SF 2015

At Swift Summit in San Francisco, I will be talking about "Lessons Learned Using Swift & Cocoapods" where I'll discuss things like what not to do and what to do when you're stuck with certain problems whilst porting your Cocoapods over to Swift. You can find a link to their home page here. You can also follow their Twitter here


Realm.io SLUG Meetup

In this talk I discuss retain cycles and how to manage memory for ARC in Swift by using cool little things like capture lists, unowned, and weak references.