I did some things. You should see these things. Things are cool. Especially when you do them. Like I did. Below are my favorite projects I've done. Enjoy my story!

I worked for Apple from December 2012 to September 2013 on an internal application that helped their employees send out mass marketing emails on the fly.


While working at Monsoon, I worked with a small team of developers to create an awesome mobile product customization tool. When Swift was first released, we even took it one step further by converting over 500 Objective-C files over to Swift.


While I was working for Monsoon Match.com called on a fellow Swifter and I to overhaul their existing application and make it ready for "the big time".


Yet another Swift project, Capital One called on the good folks at Monsoon (myself included) to help out with their [REDACTED] (how mysterious!) app. Working closely with the Cap One team, we provided help as needed. Like superheroes.