While working for Monsoon Co, I worked with a team of about 4 people to create Zazzle's iPhone and iPad applications. The app itself allows the user to freely customize an extensive range of products on the Zazzle store by tapping a series of hotspots. These hotspots would open a customization tool that would allow the user to customize anything about the product from the location and font of print on t-shirts, to adding images and applying filters to that image on a mug, and even changing the expression on a stuffed Smushimal's face. Working extensively with many core Apple APIs to produce beautiful animations and a wonderful user experience, the rest of the team and I were able to create an app that was featured in  iTune's “Apps of the Month” in November 2013, and featured again in iTune's “Apps for Graduates” in June 2014.

On June 2, 2014, Apple released it's new programming language, Swift. Immediately afterwards we undertook a massive conversion of the entire Zazzle app from Objective-C to Swift while it was still in Beta. By the time Swift 1.0 was released in September we converted over 500 Objective-C files to Swift and became experts in Swift along the way.