Raised by llamas in the great state of Texas, Hector grew to be an avid couch potato who likes spending his precious couch time playing the Legend of Zelda or yelling at the TV whilst watching Game of Thrones. Miraculously, he spawned the cutest tiny human of all time. This means you can frequently catch him staring in disbelief while playing with his daughter Abby. He also happens to be married as well to the most beautiful woman of all time (Seriously, how did that happen?). While he isn’t sitting at home vegging out, blogging or working on KrakenDev.io, you can find him sitting at the office writing iOS & Android mobile apps for Capital One. With a particular penchant for great mobile UI/UX, Hector writes the code that makes the world go round.

Stephanie (AKA Bubbles the editor)

This is Steph. Steph loves llamas, flowers, yoga and the colour yellow. Steph has lived in 8 countries and has been to all 50 states before the age of 16. Steph is a bit ecclectic, doing things like writing for this site, being a stay at home mom, and working on projects ranging anywhere from being a student to writing childrens stories. For this site Steph is known as BUBBLES, to Hector she is WIFEY, to the Kraken she is MOMMY, to the cat she is MEOW, and to the dog she is RUF RUF. The End.


I'm Abby. I is big girl! Abby loves Daddy and Mommy. Abby likes Spiderman and ponies and tiny Apple Watch and swimmin' and play wiff Mozzie puppy and Grace kitty and colorspaint and cupcake!